Top 5 Trends in Auto Sales: What’s Hot in the Market

From the dawn of time, people have looked out for ways to make their lives easy. It took a man a great deal of time from making carts into four-wheelers. Though nowadays, the speed at which advancements are taking place is rapid. If we take this in terms of automobiles, then two factors are here to consider. 

Growing Significance of Cars by the Time 

Firstly, the use of vehicles is more in use than it was in the late 1900s. The reason behind this is the numerous variations that took place in the cars, today there is a car available according to every person’s need. Secondly, cutting-edge technology has made driving much easier and more convenient for everyone. 

According to YCHARTS, the last year’s vehicle sales in the USA were 14.74M, and according to the current survey is 16.48M.

Top 5 Trends in the Current Automobile Industry!

The automobile industry is in an ever-growing stage and the main reason behind this is the current trends that have caught the attention of car enthusiasts. 

Electrical Cars

The switch to electric cars is a global trend in the automotive industry. This initiative has been done to save the atmosphere from the constant supply of gasses produced by burning fuel. Electrical vehicles (EVs) can run on electricity and eliminate air pollution to an extent. Therefore, developed countries are more ambitious towards completely adopting this technology to replace automobiles that run on fossil fuels.

Technology has played a huge role and has given the EVs a more practical value. Like with the latest batteries, more energy can be stored in a single charge like lithium-ion batteries. Then more efficient high-energy motors are used for converting the electrical energy into mechanical. All these factors and a dozen others are the reason behind the fastest growth of electrical cars.

  • Environmental Sustainability

The burning of fuel releases gasses that can be avoided with the use of electrical energy. 

  • Save Energy Cost 

Electricity is cheaper as compared to gasoline and diesel. Furthermore, automotive parts require less maintenance.

  • Fastest Charging System

The utilization of the latest motors can charge a vehicle faster and hence convert energy more efficiently.

  • Autonomous Safety

These cars are efficient to analyze any threat and take action faster to save a life.

Self Driven Cars

Autonomous vehicles or self-driven cars are one of the best uses of technology to make one’s driving experience convenient and secure. They work without any human intervention and solely rely on artificial intelligence and computing systems. A wide range of sensors such as radars, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors are installed to gather data about their surroundings.

The main purpose of designing these state-of-the-art vehicles is to provide complete security to the driver’s life. With the use of advanced machine learning, the vehicle collects enormous amounts of data to make decisions regarding the car’s control. This way, they can encounter danger and take the right action faster to prevent any accident. Thus they are driverless cars.

  • Increased Safety

They are getting the data from cutting-edge sensors to provide immense safety to the driver.

  • Human Comfort

If the person is disabled or not comfortable driving, then this car being self-driven is a blessing.

  • Increased Productivity

When you are not driving, then you can use this time to do important work on your phone or laptop.

Transportation services will find these cars extremely helpful as they will perform efficient transportation.

Luxury Cars

In recent years, the market for luxury cars has grown and is predicted to grow in the coming years. The reason is the premium features, high-performance and top-marketing campaigns. When the user gets the best driving experience with the sense of driving a top-trending car, the sales ought to increase. It is one of the prime reasons behind the rapid growth of luxury cars.

The exceptional attention that the famous car brands put to every detail of the car is extraordinary. From well-crafted interiors to providing the best user experience is what keeps them at the top of the market. Furthermore, automobile engineers have incorporated artificial intelligence into the very core of these vehicles which has improved the driving experience meticulously.

  • Personalization and Customization

These automotive companies personalize the car for you by adding features of your choice.

  • Modernized Safety Features

There are many safety options you will find in these vehicles, these act as a shield during fatal accidents.

  • Creativity and Advanced AI

The use of artificial intelligence has a major impact as they have revolutionized the whole driving experience.

  • State of the Art Materials

Everything is of premium quality in luxury cars, from leather upholstery to car wheels.

Connected Car

Imagine the car that is a vehicle and an automobile, yes that is what connected cars mean to its users. From playing music that you can search via the internet to downloading updates and even texting and calls. Your smart car is equipped to do all this. One can even monitor Alexa sitting in the driver’s home while driving peacefully and securely.

They are also known as smart or internet-connected cars. They are equipped with advanced technology and internet connectivity. One can also communicate outside the vehicle to other devices via the use of data that the car is utilizing to function. The internet is provided through a smartphone’s data connection or vehicle-embedded modems.

  • Connected through Media

One can be in the car and still be aware of the outside world via the connection to the internet.

  • Data Diagnostics

The systems can send the vehicle’s maintenance data and car performance. It helps to better analyze its activity.

  • Traffic Optimization

The latest features can give a precise traffic update and help the driver to take the less congested route.

  • Automatic Assistance

If any automotive part is malfunctioning, the car will immediately send a signal for help to the nearest service center.

Online Purchasing

Remember a time when car shopping takes more time than whole house shopping? The average time spent in a new or old car’s showroom was three hours. But nowadays, thanks to the internet, every information regarding a particular vehicle is available on the internet. Thus the rates of sales that take place online have been gradually high in recent years.

One can compare the various car options and validate the features your car dealer is bragging about. It also opens a vast option of cars in a variety of models and pricing ranges. However, the complete information is provided online, one can access and read it within minutes. People find online shopping one of the best innovations of the 21st century because they can buy high-tech vehicles from the comfort of their homes.

  • Easy Access

One has complete access to information regarding the vehicles in front of their screen.

  • Extensive Features

A buyer wants to make you buy the right car thus providing complete transparency regarding the vehicle.

  • Price Comparison

Stop waiting a week and exploring different showrooms to find the right price when you can perform the search online in a few hours.

  • Safe purchasing

One only buys a car from an online platform when everything justifies their credibility and customer reviews.

The AI Revolution in the Automotive Industry!

If we talk about electric cars, connected cars, self-driven cars, or any other latest technology in the automobile, they are all a product of AI integration. The utilization of deep learning, AI algorithms, and computer vision has shaped the world of automobiles. Furthermore, sensors, radar systems, and internet connectivity enable the car to analyze the situation and take real-time decisions in seconds. 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are technologies that are based on AI. It is used to assist drivers while driving. One feature of it is the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Meanwhile, it uses an AI algorithm to maintain a safe distance from the next vehicle by adjusting the car’s speed. Another one is Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) which tells you to be in a designated lane, lane markings are visualized via cameras.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a technology that resembles the voice assistants you found in Alexa or Siri. It helps you to interact with your vehicle by giving the voice command (like making a call or sending a text) that your car will interpret and act on. 

AI has incorporated many features that make our vehicles smart and has revolutionized their working. Below have mentioned some of them:

Automotive Emergency Braking (AEB)

The sensor data can predict the collision and thus press the brakes to avoid any accident.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

The cameras and radars detect the vehicle’s presence in a blind spot and give an alert to change direction.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

The cameras and AI algorithm view the traffic signals, and speed limit signs to give the result for optimizing the driver’s performance.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

This feature can even monitor the driver’s state of distraction and alertness and give a warning to focus their attention.

Parking Assistance

Use of sensors and cameras to assist the driver in the parking by assisting them with audible or visual signals.


All in all, various changes have come in the automobile industry in the last century till today. Yet the advancement that AI has brought to it has changed the automobile world globally. The time is not so far when AI will optimize every vehicle. The features that AI has incorporated so far are extraordinary. As a result, they have enhanced the user experience and are helping to improve the environment’s sustainability.

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