Every California business today – whether big or small – requires exposure to establish its position in the market. It’s the need of the hour to make sure that your business can survive the competition.

This is the right time to think about the critical factors that can help you build a successful California business online. You can’t ignore the role of digital marketing strategies when working on your brand’s growth.

No matter how your potential customers reach you, they typically start looking on the search engines first. The surefire method of growing your business is to create a website that’s relevant to both your potential visitors as well as the search engine.

SEO strategies are particularly great for businesses with small budgets. Search Engine Optimization helps structure your website to build more traffic with organic search. This leads to higher rankings and promotes quality content that works to capture your market.

However, optimizing your business website can be pretty daunting if you have other things on your plate. That’s why we’ve brought you the best six actionable SEO tips that could help you transform your business for the best results.

1. Focus on the Technicalities

It’s imperative to start with optimizing your website structure to allow the crawlers to read and rate your website. The goal is to ensure that your pages load fast, the links work correctly, the content is excellent, and everything’s on the website is secure.

Be sure about the quality of the content. Even if the writing is excellent, if it’s not perfectly SEO optimized, it will hamper your website’s ability to position high in the SERPs. So instead of simply uploading the content, make sure you scrutinize it with a technical perspective.

2. Understand Google Algorithms

Here are a few steps to help you go about it:

· Submit a sitemap to Google – you can utilize the automatic plugins to set up a sitemap. You can add content and update it as needed. Submit this sitemap to Google using the Google Search Console and improve the content based on Google Search Results.

· Delete unnecessary pages – If a page is not working, get rid of it right away. Pages that don’t get traffic could be adversely affecting your rankings.

· Fix whatever needs improvement – Broken and outdated links also harm your website. The SERP robots will demote your content with time. According to a study, one of the best ways to make the most out of Google’s ranking algorithm is to send users to only high-authority outbound links.

Image Optimization – Using the right images with proper captions is also crucial. Put on a description for each relevant image by using “alt text.”

3. Work on the Right Keywords

The best way of creating quality content that would earn you organic traffic is to work on keywords that you know your potential customers are searching for. Also, if you offer the best solution to the questions, the SERPs will identify you as a reliable business that should appear on top of the results. Fortunately, there are various automated tools to help you with keyword research. This is particularly beneficial for the time-strapped business.

4. Monitor SEO Updates

Regardless of the measures you are about to implement, it is essential to keep a check on the Google updates. Monitoring will help you:

Decide on the right metric for traffic monitoring – What strategies are helping you get more traffic? Is it the product purchase, customer loyalty, keyword ranking, or newsletter sign-ups?

Use any recommended SEO tool – Implementing at least one of the recommended tools would help you boost your Google ranking.

Implement and monitor one change – Implementing multiple strategies at a time may deliver results, but you will never be able to find out what works. The best way to monitor is to invest in one strategy at a time to see if it’s working for you.

5. Put Content Creation as Top Priority

Working on quality content still stands as one of the best SEO marketing trends even this year – regardless of your business size. Here are some essential things that you need to remember:

· Google algorithm highly ranks websites with quality content. Your content must match the headlines, keywords, and meta descriptions.

· Google algorithm also ranks long-form content better than its counterpart.

· The writing, however, should be more enticing for the readers. While it is important to keep your content SEO optimized, the content isn’t for the robots. Thankfully, Google algorithms are getting better at that and can identify content tactics like keyword stuffing.

· Content is not restricted to text alone. It also refers to highly enticing read with significant engagement through photos and videos.

Your ideal content will also be related to the type of traffic you’re focusing on. Make sure you monitor traffic and try different styles to see what your audience is more inclined to.

6. Streamline Content Marketing

No SEO strategy is complete with sufficient content marketing. And while it takes both time and energy, it can offer incredible benefits, even to the most resource-strapped business.

The key is to leverage on different distribution channels, including social media. With marketing, it requires to hustle to earn more than just the regular organic search. Shove your content on social media and every other distribution channel that’s identified relevant. Streamlining your marketing with your SEO strategy is what most businesses thrive on.


No matter where you stand with your California business, focusing on each process of website optimization is crucial. So take a methodically-approved approach and use SEO to grow your business.

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