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Principles of Email Marketing for SMEs

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Principles of Email Marketing for SMEs

Email marketing has reigned over the internet as a marketing champion for the longest time and has no intention of fading in the background anytime soon. This is the reason why most businesses are so keen on developing a proper mailing list that gains them multiple leads fast.

You might have noticed that almost all major companies and organizations who are somebody in the world of entrepreneurship have an extensive mailing list and continue to get access to more. If nothing else, this should be signal enough for small and medium enterprises to make sure they too pay special attention to their email marketing campaign.

This fact aside, creating a successful email marketing campaign is one of the most challenging things possible. Not only do you have to be acutely aware of what your target audience needs, but you also have to come up with content that isn’t merely compelling enough, but alluring enough to get the call to action approved.

If your email is too generic, your target won’t bother opening it. If a little too flashy and they are bound to delete it without further thought. Your email, therefore, needs to be just the right mix of personal, tempting, engaging, and salesy.

Tough right? We’re just getting started. This may be the reason why so many small to medium businesses are unable to run a successful email marketing strategy. But did you know that email is by far the highest-earning platform, making about $38 for the $1 you spend?

This is because emails only catch the attention of the people who want to do business with you. This is the reason why email marketing is going to win the game for you like no other marketing tactic ever had.

The question is, what exactly do you need to do to win this war? Here is what you can do to up your email marketing campaign.

Create Goals First

If you barge into email marketing without any proper planning, then chances are that you will fail spectacularly. There is no point in wasting time, money and effort.

You have to be very clear about what your emails are about, what the aim is behind sending them, and what you plan on achieving once the potential client has clicked through. Of course, your goals are absolutely about what you want to do and accomplish, but try not to copy others, because that will not work, as people have already seen and been done with that.

Come up with short term and long term goals. This includes everything from the subject line of the email to engagement, click-through of the email, and revenue you wish to make. Once you are decided, sit down and come up with the actual copy of the email campaign.

Tact is What Does It

Email marketing is all about subtlety. As mentioned above, you have to have a balance of personal, advertising, and information. So ensure that you put in what you want inside the email with care. Whatever you are selling to the audience needs to be said in a way that they don’t feel like they are being used. Get the audience to engage with you, allow them to tell you something, don’t just be the one who does all the talking. This will gain and retain their interest.

Email Subject Line

Subject lines are the makers and breakers of deals when it comes to email marketing. No matter how beautifully and captivatingly your content has been written in the email if the subject line isn’t attractive enough, everything is unproductive. Your email is only as successful as its subject line. Best subject lines are the ones that are short, bold, and personalized. They are such that they get the attention immediately and get them opened immediately. This is what you have to achieve.

Pay Attention to Minimalist Design

Many marketers think that they need to put in all the color and glamor in the email. This is where they are mistaken. Too much glitter and bling detract from the actual message of the email, which is why a minimum is best for emails.

Less is definitely more for email marketing. From images to content, keep everything straightforward and sophisticated. Use images but keep them singular and as per the message. Just pay special attention to CTA so that the target audience never misses it.

Consistency is Key

There is simply nothing more important than the consistency. If you randomly send emails, nobody has the time or patience to keep you in their minds. Too many brands, services, and offers out there who are doing a lot more than you.

This is why you have to send out emails regularly, with content that is fresh, promising, and lives up to the expectations of the audience. What you have to remember that there is a very thin line between consistency and downright irritating. One email is more than enough in a week or ten days. Most successful brands send no more than two emails a month. You can follow the same method.

So What Should a Winning Email Have?

No matter what part of the business niche you come from, to have an email that is opened, read, and then followed through, you must have the following:

ü A clear and precise presentation, with a simple yet attractive style and language

ü A message that caters to the expectations of your target audience while giving off something that is of value

ü Layout and format that isn’t merely appealing but also easy to follow to the end where the most crucial part is, your call to action

So long as your emails pay attention to what your audience wants from you, you will keep increasing your email list. Yes, email marketing is challenging to master, but it can be done with time, research, and careful analysis of what your clients and potential customers have to say. You have to keep making this effort because the rewards from this strategy are so huge that they simply cannot be sidelined. Good luck!