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New Surface is a company that is designed for the sole purpose of performing refinishing of your kitchen and bathroom. We all know how important it is for the sink to have sink refinishing done after some time to make it look nice and shiny again. The gloss coating that we offer lasts a long time and prevents the expense of getting a new sink. Meanwhile, you can get this service for refinishing your bathroom as well. Bathtub resurfacing is an effective way to hide any scratches or damages on the surface of the tub. We assure you that our experts will provide you with complete and reliable refinishing services.

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A Reliable Sink Refinishing Service You Can Depend On!

New Surface offers various types of refinishing services to its clients. We save our customers from all the trouble of replacing a sink or a bathtub. Our experienced plumbers will thoroughly reglaze your sinks, and you will get a new look in your sink area. We provide top-notch refinishing to give texture to a newly installed sink or stall. To work on countertops, we use the appropriate tools and let our skilled people do proper refinishing. We'll get rid of all the cracks and surface imperfections in your bathtubs and countertops. So, contact us and experience our standard quality service at an affordable cost.

Kitchen Sink Refinishing

The sink needs to be re-glazed after a while as the high gloss gets lost with time, so we apply the new coating.

Affordable Cost

We charge reasonable prices for our services so that people can easily afford them and have the best service at home.

Authentic Products

We use top-notch quality products to apply on your tubs and sinks, thus getting lasting results.

Our Services

Sink Refinishing Sacramento CA

Though sinks can be replaced within a reasonable price range, kitchen sink refinishing can get away from the mess of new sink installation. We have all the necessary products and tools to offer kitchen sink resurfacing. Our experts are here to help you with proper kitchen sink resurfacing. Meanwhile, we offer sink refinishing for both housing and commercial areas. Furthermore, we perform sink resurfacing for all types of sinks. Our team uses excellent quality products to provide pure finishing to your sinks. So this way, you will get a fully functioning sink again.

Bathtub Resurfacing Sacramento CA

The shelf life of bathtubs is less compared to sinks. However, bathtub resurfacing is a bit complicated due to its larger area. It requires a lot of man’s work and effort. The bathtub re-glazing varies because of its different types. Meanwhile, we resurface all types of tubs including fiberglass tubs to provide you with a pure finishing surface. You can also get a refinishing service for a shower if your shower stalls are getting faded. A soaking tub is a bit shallow compared to a regular size bathtub. We can also help you with the refinishing of these kinds of tubs. Further, our team assures you that proper refinishing of your bathtubs will take place.

Refinishing Services Sacramento CA

We facilitate our customers with many refinishing services. We can help you with shower resurfacing if your shower is getting rough and faded. In addition, we provide shower re-glazing to remove shallow cracks, scratches, or any other surface imperfections. Normally, the countertops of kitchens develop cracks with time, or the surface gets rough. We also offer countertop refinishing to provide an elegant look to your kitchen. Meanwhile, one can get our proper bathtub refinishing to restore its original condition. Our team of experts will utilize their techniques and tools to provide you with a top-quality experience.

Why Choose US

Reshape the Shape of Your Place

Our company is here to look after your kitchen and bring it in good shape again. To keep the sink clear and free from any stain, kitchen sink resurfacing is here. Constant use of water and liquid soaps faded the gloss of the sink. We offer sink resurfacing and refinishing to bring it. Furthermore, we install shower stalls as well. One can have great personal time in the shower compartment. Performing the shower reglazing and resurfacing keeps the shower clean and saves from the trouble of changing it. Meanwhile, you can use our countertop and bathtub refinishing to make them crystal clean and give back their original appearance.

Bathtub Reglazing

Reglazing is necessary when bathtubs get scratched or stained over time. We remove them and bring them in good condition.

Fiberglass Tubs

To maintain the sustainability of a tub, fiberglass material is a great option. We offer such tubs to our customers.

Soaking Tub

Get the latest version of tubs where you can experience a complete submersion and enjoy the experience of it.

On-Time Service

Our workers are here to provide authentic service to our customers at the exact time that we give.

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New Surface offers refinishing surfaces for bathrooms and kitchens, they are the places that need thorough refinishing after some time. Below have mentioned the complete list of our services:

Sink Refinishing
Kitchen Sink Refinishing
Kitchen Sink Resurfacing
Sink Resurfacing
Sink Refinishing
Bathtub Resurfacing
Bathtub Reglazing
Fiberglass Tubs
Shower Stalls
Soaking Tub
Refinishing Services
Shower Resurfacing
Shower Reglazing
Countertop Refinishing
Bathtub Refinishing

You can have our sink refinishing service to give a new look to your sink by contacting us at 916-486-4253. Further, you can send your queries to and we ensure a quick response.

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So you have a shower that you use every day. The effect of water and the dust in the air is enough to make it function poorly after some time. So, shower reglazing is required to prevent that from happening. Thus keep one shower in great condition for a long time.

They are the most affordable and are extremely easy to install, hence people prefer them in their bathrooms. Such material with its shiny look is an excellent choice for any bathroom. Furthermore, they are resistant to getting rust.

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