"Elevate your Las Vegas space with BDIY Blinds. Professional blinds installation services that enhance privacy and add effortless style to any room."

"Enhance your Las Vegas space with BDIY Blinds. Our professional installation services offer privacy, style, and a touch of effortless elegance to any room in your home."

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About Us

Top-notch companies for providing genuine quality window treatment services

BDIY Blinds is one of the top-notch companies for providing genuine quality window treatment services. We established this business in 2003, and till today have served a large number of clients. Whether you need Venetian and pleated blinds, or looking for broad, cafe, batten, or louvered shutters, you will get them here. We have a variety of products in all categories to facilitate our customers. In addition, our team will help you to select the exact option for a specific place. We offer a huge category of blinds for all spaces, including bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, nursery, living room, and office blinds. So, to get blinds and have their complete installation, you can contact us anytime.

Hard Window Treatment

So looking for a hard covering to cover the windows, we can provide you with that as we have Venetian blinds and many others like these.

Roman Shade

Get the best temperature control with these blinds. A cozy morning in winter and a cool afternoon in summer is what these blinds can provide.

Solar Shade

Protect your place from the worst effects of UV rays and get a soothing shade inside your house, a prominent quality of our blinds.

Our Services

Window Treatment Las Vegas NV

Every person wants an alluring window treatment. One can ask for any style of window shades and to provide them with that, we have a vast collection of blinds. This includes hard window treatment as well. You will see a variety of such blinds in our catalog. Venetian blinds are a form of such treatment and have been dealing with such blinds for a long time. You will find the slats of them in many materials. Meanwhile, the one kind of blind that is useful for both residential and business places is pleated blinds. One will be amazed to see that we provide blinds for all kinds of windows including motorized window.

Blinds Installation Las Vegas NV

Many areas of your house have windows and thus can be treated with blinds. We assure you that you will get the blind that goes well with the desired area. So, in search of room blinds and bedroom blinds, check our categories that contain both hard and soft forms. Your bathroom has windows as well for ventilation, so they require the bathroom blinds to cover them when not in use. As we said earlier, our blinds are for your homes and offices. So, we offer lavish office blinds for a giant or a small size company. Next comes the kitchen blinds that we designed while keeping the interior of the kitchen in mind. Furthermore, for your nurseries, we have the best-in-class nursery blinds.

Shutters Installation Las Vegas NV

Shutters installation is another smart way of shading your windows. However, there are many kinds of shutters that you can choose to cover your windows. Board shutters are a conventional way to cover your windows, and we offer complete installation. Furthermore, one can have classic-style louvered shutters for their windows. Meanwhile, for your amazing cafes, we provide cafe shutters adjusted according to their theme. Though batten shutters are similar to boards that have wide wooden slats, we can easily install these shutters.

Custom Drapes Las Vegas NV

Drapes are a nice and elegant way to stylishly cover your windows. We make custom drapes for your home. You can have many kinds of drapes with beautiful designs. Pinch pleat drapery comes among the common types of drapes, and it’s easy to operate. However, inverted pleat drapery is another renowned variety used by people. We are here to install both of these blinds at your place. Moreover, we can fix grommet drapery with authentic colored rings in them. If you want rod pocket drapery You will get them in a multitude of designs and can also get the installation from us.

Shades Installation Las Vegas NV

If you want to cover your windows distinctively, shades installation is the best idea for you. You can get solar shade for your windows in various designs. These shades don’t let natural light enter your place and maintain a cool temperature. Meanwhile, we provide traditional woven wood shade to shield the windows. Our expert team installs vertical shades that are available in classic design and color contrast. However, for the stylish kinds of shades having traditional prints and textures, Roman shades are an excellent choice. We provide solar shade to protect the window’s structure from getting damaged. If you are searching for mesmerizing woven wood shades, we offer you various designs of woven and vertical shades according to your demand. For giving a traditional look to your houses on your request, you will get top-quality roman shades.

Window Covering Las Vegas NV

There are hundreds of options that one can get for window covering. Meanwhile, we provide complete assistance to help you figure one out. Upon giving us proper measurements, you will get the door window covering exactly the size. You can also get uniquely manufactured drapes and shades for your bay window covering. However, bathroom windows have varied a bit in size as compared to other windows. That’s why you should get our bathroom window covering present in all sizes and designs. We can also help you with a proper bedroom window covering to match the beautiful interior design of your bedroom. Moreover, our clients find our efficient door window covering extremely beneficial to protect your window from harsh environmental conditions. You may trust our services because we have been helping our customers for many years in a row.

Why Choose US

For Our Blinds Quality

Our company has been designed to provide the most charming style blinds to our customers. So that they can give you a soothing shade and also look elegant. Windows are of different types like motorized window and thus each blind is created according to a window. We do this with great precision when provided with the command from our clients. Meanwhile, to get a distinct feeling of sophistication, we have pinch pleat drapery for you. Another form of it that is quite liked by many is inverted pleat drapery, it provides a beautiful touch of elegance. Furthermore, we provide grommet drapery that lets soft folds made in the blinds look pretty and less stuffy when put on the windows. Lastly, our rod pocket drapery has a pocket where the rod goes, giving the aesthetic look to your room.

Window Covering

Windows in bathrooms, so we offer structured bathroom and bedroom window covering to completely guard your privacy.

Bay Window Covering

Cover your beautifully structured oriel windows with unique style blinds that enhance their look while covering them from letting the light in.

Door Window Covering

Doors with glass panes attached to them act as windows, and to cover them, we offer coverings that are cut to the exact height of them.

Woven Wood Shade

Give a touch of nature to your blinds as we have materials of bamboo and jute well woven in the blinds’ slate to make them look irresistible to the eye.

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BDIY Blinds provides attractive-looking blinds and also their installation. Below have mentioned the names of our many kinds of blinds under different categories:

Window Treatment
Hard Window Treatment
Pleated Blinds
Venetian Blinds
Motorized Window
Blinds Installation
Bathroom Blinds
Living Room Blinds
Bedroom Blinds
Office Blinds
Kitchen Blinds
Nursery Blinds
Shutters Installation
Board Shutters
Louvered Shutters
Cafe Shutters
Batten Shutters
Custom Drapes
Pinch Pleat Drapery
Inverted Pleat Drapery
Grommet Drapery
Rod Pocket Drapery
Shades Installation
Solar Shade
Woven Wood Shade
Vertical Shades
Roman Shade
Window Covering
Door Window Covering
Bay Window Covering
Bathroom Window Covering
Bedroom Window Covering

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They are the most adjustable forms of blinds because the slats, either made of wood or metal, are aligned in a cord. The slats when closed provide a good darkness from the outside light and make it impossible for someone to peek in.

Most fabrics in the blinds can let the UV rays pass through them, but with solar shades, you can avoid this trouble. The material is impenetrable to sunlight and is woven into the blind's structure.

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