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When you have done elevating the walls of your place, then you need a reliable roofing service to make the roof of your beautiful house. There are many roofing options to select from. Meanwhile, most homeowners look for one that is durable, cost-efficient, and comes in various designs. That is why asphalt roofs are much in demand. All these factors make them quite prominent as asphalt shingle roof lifetime. However, contractors mostly suggest TPO single Ply membrane roof for commercial buildings. It can stay strong and give high performance for decades. An efficient roofing system is also required to built for a positive water flow systems. If you need roof installation and maintenance services, you came to the right place. Explore further to know more about our services.

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About Us

Let the Professionals Do Your Roof Maintenance

Hollywood Roofing LLC is a roofing company that takes care of the well-maintenance of your roof. Damage in any area of the house is essential to remove because it can have a bad impact on the overall foundation of your place. The leaking of a roof is a worse form of roof damage that when left unrepaired can let the water inside your walls as well. We also perform roof replacement, if the condition is quite bad and it becomes the only option to take. Another way to prevent water accumulation on the roof is by installing gutters over it. When it comes to them, seamless gutters are an efficient option as no gaps in the structure prevent any sticking of debris, and thus the easy flow of water. So, connect with us and get our service anytime as we provide 24/7 emergency services.

Lifelong Relief

With little maintenance any material can last a lifetime, this goes for our asphalt shingle roof lifetime.

Cost Efficiency

We provide services that are credible and affordable, so many people can benefit from them.

Emergency Services

Repairing can be required at any time of the day or night. Therefore, we provide 24/7 emergency services.

Built for a Positive Water Flow Systems

When it comes to constructing buildings, whether residential or commercial, establishing an efficient water flow system is always a top priority. Our dedicated team specializes in creating reliable water flow systems in different areas. We pride ourselves on utilizing the latest tools and techniques to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to built for a positive water flow systems has earned us a trusted reputation in this industry. We understand the diverse needs and purposes of our clients, which drives us to deliver exceptional results in building reliable water flow systems.

Our Services

Roofing Service Corrales NM

We are a business that looks after your roofs. Whether it is a commercial building or a residential one, our roofing services are available for any place. There are many options available in the roofing material and each has its significance. The metal roof is fire resistant as it protects against UV rays, is durable, and offers longevity. However, a shingle roof is for someone who is looking for durability with a nice look over their house. As these roofs are present in various colors and styles. The advantage of getting a tile roof is the resistance against microbes’ growth and easy maintenance. At the same time, our metal soffit service is also important for connecting your roof extension to the building to protect it from weather and animals.

Roof Maintenance Corrales NM

Everything asks for maintenance to live long and stable. For your roof repair and maintenance, we provide the following services. If roof leaking is an issue, it needs to be solved immediately, especially before the start of rain or snow falling. We are here to perform leakage repair. Meanwhile, our workers can restore any roof damage if it can be restored no matter how tricky and energy-consuming the task appears. However, some damages to the roof are beyond repair. Thus, sometimes roof replacement becomes necessary for ensuring better stability to the whole structure. Among many options present in roofs, a flat roof is excellent when it comes to making extra space on the roof. So consult us when you want a reliable installation of a new roof flat roof.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Lifetime Corrales NM

When looking to install a roof, everybody’s priority is always a shingle roof. In shingles, there are many options but the most trusted and proven by experts is asphalt. Therefore, we mean it when we say that asphalt shingle roof lifetime. Many reasons make asphalt a lifetime roofing solution because of its resistance against high winds, and other harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, the underlayment it contains protects the roof from absorbing sun rays and sending the heat downwards. It also makes it energy efficient. There are many options available in these roofs in terms of colors and they can be applied to different roofing styles. Our asphalt shingle roof can be your forever last stop when it comes to roofing.

TPO Single Ply Membrane Roof Corrales NM

It is a single-layer roofing system, an ideal option for commercial places in terms of durability, and cost-effectiveness. They can withstand high UV exposure and thus saves the energy that is required to reduce the heat and cool the building. Moreover, TPO single Ply membrane roof does not allow the growth of fungi and other bacteria. It makes it stable and flexible. It is a single membrane, thus easy to install by the contractors, and can stay for years without getting the damages traditional roofs are prone to. Our workers are experts in performing roofing installation for smaller to larger size companies and office buildings. Therefore, you can trust us to provide you with an excellent roofing system.

Why Choose US

For Quality, Safety, and Longevity

Our company is here to provide your old or existing home with a roofing system that is installed while using the latest technology and top-notch materials. There are many options in roofing, like a metal roof. It is a great option for getting safety against fire or any environmental impact that can decrease the roof’s stability. Another reliable choice is a tile roof, which is ideal for high-traffic areas and requires low maintenance. Meanwhile, asphalt shingle roof lifetime is what you need when looking for easy-to-install and lightweight material. It saves time and energy as well. One can also get a new roof flat roof as it provides extra space on your roof and needs less material to install it. However, we offer a TPO single ply membrane roof for keeping commercial places well sheltered under trusted and reliable roofing. It also saves money on energy bills.  

Commercial Roofing

Roofs are installed keeping the location and structure of a place in mind. Hence TPO single Ply membrane roof is best for commercial sites.

Water Elimination

Gutters are essential to install on your roofs to let the rain and water from other sources easily drain, seamless gutters are efficient to do it.

Roof Stability

Roof leaking is a common damaging cause. So, roof repair is necessary to take at once as water can weaken the roof’s structure.

Metal Soffit

Our metal Soffit service gives ventilation to your home and protects moisture and animals from entering the house.

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Hollywood Roofing LLC
Frequently Asked Questions

Hollywood Roofing LLC provides roof installation and maintenance services. Below, we have mentioned the names of the services our company provides in Corrales NM.

  • Roofing Service
  • Metal Roof
  • Shingle Roof
  • Tile Roof
  • Metal Soffit Service
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Leaking
  • Roof Damage
  • New Roof Flat Roof
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Asphalt Shingle Roof Lifetime 
  • TPO Single Ply Membrane Roof 


You can get roofing service by contacting us at 505-821-9391. One can also get in touch with us via hollywoodroofingalb@gmail.com.

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Many options make metal roofs the best options for your homes. First is their longevity, as they can last for several decades. Their maintenance is low and resistant to problems like rot, insects, and getting fire. Another important feature is that they reflect solar heat.

These gutters have no sections and gaps as they are made from a single material. Thus, leaking is resistant, it also increases their shelf-life. You do find them an excellent and much-needed addition to your roof.

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