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Roofing services involve a range of tasks, from initial installation to ongoing maintenance and repair work. Whether you are building a new home or need to replace an old, damaged roof, a roofing contractor can help you select the materials. They will design a roof that meets your specific needs. Moreover, roof maintenance is also crucial to ensuring the longevity and durability of your roof. This can involve cleaning gutters, replacing damaged shingles, and checking for signs of wear and tear. A metal soffit installation service ensures proper ventilation in your home business. It can also improve the overall energy efficiency of your property, which can save you money on healing and cooling costs. Here at I Roofing TX, you will find it all at an affordable cost. 

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About Us

Offering Affordable Roofing Solutions for Your Place!

I Roofing TX is a team of experts that are known for providing the best roofing services in the town. We have the command in the installation of different types of roofs such as shingle roof and tile roof installation. Meanwhile, we can help you get rid of your old, broken, and damaged roofs with our new roof installation service. During the roof inspection services, our contractors will assess your roof to find out any signs of damage that can harm the entire structure of your roof. So, get the best treatment for your roof by hiring us. 

Fine Installation

By hiring our professionals for installation, you will receive the best flat and metal roof installation with less need for frequent repairs.

Latest Equipment

The use of the latest equipment makes services significant from other roof service providers. Moreover, it allows a timely completion of the process.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The flawless installation from our installers promptly results in customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, this makes us a significant roofing services provider.

Our Services

Roofing Services Plano TX

Roofs are a source of structural protection so they should always be durable. Therefore, we offer various roofing options that can help you have durable roofing at a low cost. You can avail of our metal roofing installation for efficient insulation and UV protection. Meanwhile, you can make use of your roofs by utilizing flat roofs installation. It will allow you to transform your flat roof into a space with some greenery to spend quality time there. Besides, our shingle roof installation ensures long-lasting and durable roofing that can last for a decade. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly roofing solution then our tile roof installation is the answer. Further, you can trust our team for seamless gutters installation that can save your property from water damage.

Roofing Contractor Plano TX

We provide the best roof inspection services, during which our professionals will examine your roof from every angle. Meanwhile, our roof contractors are skilled at spotting weak points, leaks, and other flaws. You will receive installation and repair guidance from qualified contractors. The gutters are also a crucial aspect of any house’s and roof’s structure. So, you can use our services for seamless gutters installation if your gutters appear in poor shape and you wish to reinstall them. Further, a thorough examination is carried out by our team of professionals to determine the problem with the current gutter system. 

Roof Maintenance Plano TX

Maintenance is necessary for keeping anything in its best shape. Likewise, we offer roof maintenance that can keep your home safer and extend its life. A leaking roof can cause the growth of mold and mildew. However, our roof leaking repair specialist can save your roof from leakage. If you see uplifted roofing materials, punctures, and holes on your roof then it is the right time to get our roof damage repair service. You can also hire us for new roof installation if your roof is beyond repair. Our experts will do the roof replacement job using advanced equipment which will fasten the process. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that our services will make your roof withstand weather harshness. So, if you are seeking a roof repair and maintenance service, we have got you covered. 

Metal Soffit Installation Service Plano TX

You can safeguard your home with a metal soffit that withstands moisture and harm from the harsh elements of nature. However, finding a reliable metal soffit installation service is challenging. We have a knowledgeable and specialized team, who offer quality metal soffit installation using the latest tools and techniques. Moreover, they do balance measurements during the installation to secure the edge of the roof from the soffit. You can also use our TPO roof services for a dazzling white roofing space at a reasonable price. Further, our professionals are skilled and capable of handling urgent TPO roof services. 

Why Choose US

Quality Roofing Installation that Stand the Test of Time!

Here at I Roofing TX, we will not only handle the roof replacement and installation job but you will also get a seamless gutter installation from our team. The gutter installation we offer can set you free from the nuisance of clogged and damaged gutters. Meanwhile, you will have a crack-free roofing experience when you get our roof damage repair service. The team specializes in handling complete roofing problems, so you can rest assured that your roof is in safe hands. 

Providing Quality Roofing

The vision of our team is to offer quality roofing and extraordinary customer service. Meanwhile, this improves our performances day to day.

Premium Roofing Materials

We work with premium quality products from renowned manufacturers during our roof leaking repair service to ensure a long-lasting result.

Affordable & Competitive Pricing

We understand the need to stay within a budget while expecting top-of-the-line products, installation, and expertise.

Experienced & Skilled Roofers

Our roof repair & maintenance is offered by a skilled crew who have years of experience in this job.

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I Roofing TX is a credible team of roof contractors who covers all the roof-related tasks effectively in Plano TX. Here is what we offer: 


Roofing Services

  • Metal Roof Installation
  • Shingle Roof Installation
  • Flat Roofs Installation
  • Tile Roof Installation
  • Seamless Gutters Installation


Roofing Contractor

  • Roof Inspection Services
  • Seamless Gutters Installation


Roof Maintenance

  • Roof Leaking Repair
  • Roof Damage Repair
  • New Roof Installation
  • Roof Repair & Maintenance
  • Roof Replacement


Metal Soffit Installation Service 

  • TPO Roof Services 

To get our roofing services, you can contact us at 214-892-1910. Also, if you have any queries related to our services, you can send them to our email address at gabriel@Iroofingtx.com

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A flat roof is the most common type of roof for a TPO roofing system. However, it can also be installed on several other roofs such as pitched roofs.

The best way to determine if the desired roofing is appropriate for your commercial building is to consult our qualified roofing contractors. Meanwhile, they will assess your needs and recommend the best roofing solution for your business.

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