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Certified Roofing Solutions serves our customers by installing stable roofs that last long. We offer roof services that are one of the prime needs of any newly constructed or existing place. Get the roof fixed immediately and avoid any problem of leakage. We also perform shingle roof repair and prevent the high cost that comes from delaying the restoration process. Furthermore, we offer skylight repair service. Skylights are part of your roof, and any damage in them can lead to trouble. To avoid such issues, we are here to perform our trusted services. Chimney flashing repair is what you need to get a moisture-free chimney in all seasons.

Roof Services
Shingle Roof Repair
Skylight Repair Service
Chimney Flashing Repair

About Us

We Ensure the Durability of Your Roof

Certified Roofing Solutions is a company designed to take care of your roofs. So, trust us to get the best residential roofing services and ensure the safety of your home’s structure. If you want to get a more durable roof as the old one is in poor condition, our roof replacement service is what you need. For years, we have been offering roof installation service and always get appreciation from our customers. The result is our dedication and loyalty toward our work. Meanwhile, for roof repairs, you can remember us as well. We offer residential flat roof repairs that can conveniently mend any damage to your roof. A building serving a commercial purpose can use our commercial flat roof repairs to stabilize the solidity of the roof. Now, connect with us and learn more about our roof services.

Water Resistance

Never let any fault be the reason for the water entrance, so get our skylight leak repair to restore it.

Flashing Around Chimney

With our chimney flashing, you can save your chimney and the area around it from moisture exposure.

Residential Skylight Repair

Skylights are the most beautiful form of ventilation. We provide skylight window repair to keep it that way.

Our Services

Roof Services Sandy Springs GA

We are the solution that your damaged roof needs. With time, your house needs maintenance, especially the exterior structures like the roof. Our experts are here to provide reliable residential roofing services. If you think the damage is beyond repair and a new roof is necessary. Then, we offer roof replacement service as well. The material that we use in fixing a new roof is of top quality and so our work is lasting. Whether you are constructing a new house or maintaining an old one an authentic roof installation service is what you will require to make it happen. Moreover, get the service of residential flat roof repairs and have a comfortable living inside your home. It also goes for commercial flat roof repairs.

Shingle Roof Repair Sandy Springs GA

When it comes to installing new roofs, people have many options to choose from. Meanwhile, homeowners mostly go for roofing shingle repair because they are durable and affordable. Another advantage is they are easy to repair. To perform shingle repairs, we have professionals to do the task. One can always trust our shingle repair service to improve their roof quality. We work in a way that only damaged material gets changed without harming the core structure of the roof. This service is also available for flats. Therefore, if you experience any leaking or fault in your flat’s roof, get our flat roof shingle repair.

Skylight Repair Service Sandy Springs GA

One has a beautiful skylight at home that lets the sunlight in and regulates the temperature. So, get immediate residential skylight repair if you see any break in it. A skylight is a source of ventilation, and any damage to its structure can cause serious discomfort inside a home. Thus, we offer our efficient skylight window repair. Before the advent of rain make sure that your skylight is in its best condition and not leaking at all from the lens or the flashing side. In case of any trouble, get our service of skylight leak repair. We sealed any leakage completely and ensured that it never took place again. All in all, we are here to perform any improvement that your skylight needs by performing roof skylight repair.

Chimney Flashing Repair Sandy Springs GA

We know the functions that a chimney performs in your house. The reason you can enjoy cozy heat without the accumulation of any harmful gas is because of it. We provide service to flashing around chimney so that the water keeps away from it. A genuine quality metal is used in making chimney roof flashing and keeping it safe from any water absorption issue. Areas prone to rain should always get the chimney flashing and ensure that there is no fault with it. Once you let the water in through anyway, it starts damaging the structure of your house. To prevent all this nuisance, we are here with our effective services. Another efficient way to protect the chimney from moisture is getting a chimney counter flashing. It is an L-shaped metal piece that gets around the brickwork.

Why Choose US

To Repair Any Fault in Your Roof

Our company wants you to have a comfortable living that is free of any leakage issues. The reason behind water dripping through the ceiling is the cracks and holes that roofs may develop with time. We are to mend such faults in any roofing material. Most houses have shingle roofs, and though they are the most stable kind, harsh weather conditions can create some damage. So, our experts are here to do the shingle repair service on your roof. You can also use our help for your flat’s roof as we provide flat roof shingle repair to seal all the cracks and solve any other issue with your roof. Furthermore, one can get benefitted from our roof skylight repair to bring the skylight back in order.

Roofing Shingle Repair

Our company offers the servicing of your roofs of any kind, which includes shingle roof repair as well.

Affordable Services

What people need is great service at reasonable pricing, and that’s what we offer our potential customers.

Trusted Workers

One can rely on the performance of our professionals as they always perform their work precisely.

Top-Quality Products

To have a lasting impact on our services, we use only premium quality materials in the repairing and installing process.

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Certified Roofing Solutions
Frequently Asked Questions

Certified Roofing Solutions offers roofing solutions, which include the repairing and replacement of roofs in Sandy Springs GA. Below have mentioned the name of the complete services provided by us:

Roof Services

● Residential Roofing Services
● Roof Replacement Service
● Roof Installation Service
● Commercial Flat Roof Repairs
● Residential Flat Roof Repairs

Shingle Roof Repair

● Shingle Repairs
● Shingle Repair Service
● Roofing Shingle Repair
● Flat Roof Shingle Repair

Skylight Repair Service

● Residential Skylight Repair
● Skylight Window Repair
● Roof Skylight Repair
● Skylight Leak Repair

Chimney Flashing Repair

● Flashing Around Chimney
● Chimney Counter Flashing
● Chimney Roof Flashing
● Chimney Flashing

We can help you with roof services using the best quality material. Therefore, you can contact us at 678 283-8668 or email your queries to

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It is a process of putting a metal piece around your chimney. This way, it will be protected from water penetration and other environmental debris. When correctly installed, chimney roof flashing is the best water barrier.

They are the most convenient, reliable, and affordable roofing options. They come in many styles and colors. Furthermore, they last for decades, and if you want to replace them with a new one, the complete process is quite easy to perform.

  • Roof Services Sandy Springs GA
  • Shingle Roof Repair Sandy Springs GA
  • Skylight Repair Services Sandy Springs GA
  • Chimney Flashing Repair Sandy Springs GA
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