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You need to get repair services if the products and machines used in your daily lives are causing any trouble. Such as if your oven repair is not working efficiently, then you require specific services to make it work again. The same goes for ice makers, if they are showing any hindrance in their work, then find a reliable ice maker repair service. However, it is an excellent initiative to keep the environment free of harmful elements, you need a garbage disposal. Meanwhile, residential washers are every house’s need to make life easy and get help with the laundry. One should get them to ease the hectic process of washing. If you require any of these services, then explore further to find them on our site.

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Ice Maker Repair
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About Us

Introducing Technology to Make Your Appliances Efficient

Foster’s Appliance Service of Tidewater is one of the trusted companies for providing home appliances and as well as their repairing services. Our workers are experts in fixing many types of appliances. We perform oven repair to restore any fault in your oven and ensure its effective working. Like the oven, many other machines will find our services very useful. Our well-trained workers use their experience and efficient tools to provide you with quality service. We help you maintain the overall functioning of your appliances. So, connect with us today and try our services at reasonable service charges.


We provide our services and top-notch machines at an affordable price so that people can easily get the benefit of it.

Experience Staff

All our team members and field workers have years of experience in serving clients efficiently. 

On-Time Service

Our customers always appreciate the on-time delivery of our services, as we give value to punctuality.

Our Services

Oven Repair Chesapeake VA

Our clients have always appreciated oven repair services as we provide top-quality at the right time. In today’s world, an oven is a need of any household, and one will experience a major difficulty if it stops working. Thus we provide reliable oven repair services. If your oven is not functioning poorly, then you need our exceptional oven repair services. Moreover, our professional workers will repair your oven efficiently with the help of modern tools. We are easy to find, and our services are available around the clock. So you can get reliable help on an emergency basis. We facilitate you by providing credible services.

Ice Maker Repair Chesapeake VA

We are here to offer our ice maker repair services. So do not worry if your ice maker is working poorly. Ice makers are used to making ice at home. If the big party is coming and the equipment is down, then to avoid the massive nuisance, get our ice maker repair services. Ice makers are most in need during summer times as people would love to have a home-made ice to add in their ice-teas. Therefore, their bad work will cause them some trouble . Our professional workers know how to serve our clients dedicatedly with our ice maker repair services. We aim to give the best solution in the time of need.

Garbage Disposal Chesapeake VA

People use garbage disposal to keep their society free from environmental pollution. Thus getting such a system is beneficial for yourself and the land. We have a complete team who have years of experience in performing garbage disposal services for our customers. They install an accurate disposal system in your kitchen and also ensure you it’s effectively working. We also have put large dustbins in many areas. It is also a part of our garbage disposal services. It is hectic to collect garbage from each house. Our reliable garbage disposal service keeps your surroundings clean and environment-friendly.

Residential Washers Chesapeake VA

We are here to facilitate you with our residential washers. They are based on the latest technologies. However, if you are going to host some events, you need less energy and time-consuming alternatives. That is what our dishwashers can provide you. In today’s busy and tiring world, dishwashers are not a luxury anymore but a necessity. Another way by which we can make technology accessible to you is via our dryers. Check our dryers and see how easy drying your clothes can be. Our motive is to serve our clients in the best way to provide comfort to their living styles.

Why Choose US

Keep the Appliances in Working Condition

We repair your appliances that are either experiencing any issues because of electrical or mechanical faults. We send our experts to analyze your machine, and if the issue can be resolved, then they do it right away. Meanwhile, we provide appliances that will save you time and energy, like our dryers and residential washers. These automation have made the lives of their users extremely easy, and they are easy to operate. Thus, even teens or old people can efficiently operate it. We want to satisfy our client's needs when it comes to getting durable home appliances. Therefore, we provide only premium quality ones.

Residential Appliances

Our residential washers can be a big help to you to make your daily lives easy and save time.

Cleaning Help

Get an automatic helping hand when doing cleaning, like a pile of plates can be washed easily with dishwashers.

Garbage Removal

Keeping the planet Earth clean and free of toxic materials is everyone’s responsibility, and we help you here.

Repairing Services

If the home appliances are showing signs of any fault then consult us to get it repaired at once.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Foster's Appliance Service of Tidewater provides different kinds of appliances at your home in Chesapeake, VA. We also perform their repairs and servicing. Below have mentioned the complete list of our home appliance services:

  • Oven Repair 
  • Ice Maker Repair 
  • Garbage Disposal 
  • Residential Washers
  • Dishwashers 
  • Dryers

One can get oven repair and residential washers by calling us at 757-550-0127. You can also send us an email at fostersapplianceoftidewater@gmail.com.

If looking for hosting a big party or any summer holiday at home, then an ice maker helps you to stock up the ice. So get homemade ice of good-quality water while sitting in your home.

After giving a good wash in a washing machine, one needs to dry their clothes. Instead of taking the many buckets of clothes out in the backyard, use dryers to dry the clothes completely and easily inside a machine.

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