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The main motive for using the appliances is to save time and energy. Though it may cost you a good sum of money, it is only for once. So, getting an appliance installation service may work best for you. You will not be drained by doing chores continuously this way. Moving forward, the damage is likely to happen when there is excessive use of the appliances. In this case, getting appliance repair services from a professional source can bring you peace of mind. Meanwhile, completing the house chores needs a lot of your time. If you get a convenience in this case, there will be nothing better than this. In addition, a  dishwasher repair service is something you can have to save the hassle. However, get a hassle-free appliance repair service to save the hassle. Look at all the services that can bring a significant difference for you:

Dishwasher Repair
Appliance Installation
Cooktop Repair
Appliance Repair

About Us

We Help You Maintain the Longevity of Your Appliances!

All Star Appliance Repair is a business that you can trust for the repair of almost all your appliances. To put forth, we have got a team to provide dishwasher rack and seal repair services. You may have these services to keep your crockery clean. Meanwhile, you can also have a commercial dishwasher repair service. Our experts have also got proficiency in providing services for front control dishwashers. In addition, we can provide you with a washing machine and dryer installation. You can get clean and dried clothes easily through this. Further, our team can also provide you with trusted microwave installation. It can make it easier for you to reheat the food over and over again. However, you may hire our team anytime to have our gas appliance installation service. 

Service Quality

We intend to maintain the quality of our service by implementing the latest techniques and opt for advanced solutions.

Assured Longevity

A timely repair of the appliance ensures its longevity. So, we provide you with services that may increase the life of your appliances. 

Professional Experts

Here we have professional experts to carry out all the processes and fulfill the instructions to make things work for you.

Our Services

Dishwasher Repair Waldorf MD

Dishwashers hold great importance while performing house chores. So, we have introduced our service for front control dishwashers. It helps in cleaning the dishes by removing bacteria and microbes. Moving forward, the damage is likely to occur in the seal when you have a dishwasher. Our dishwasher seal repair is something we have introduced for this reason. In addition, we have also got our reliable dishwasher rack repair service. When the dishwasher rack has a lot of weight, it starts to get damaged. That is when you can have this service. Meanwhile, you may also hire our team to get the services for commercial dishwasher repair. 

Appliance Installation Waldorf MD

Appliances reduce the time that a task may probably take manually. For this reason, we bring you our gas appliance installation service to bring you ease and comfort. Here we have a professional team on board to provide this service. To put forth, you may also have our microwave installation service. If you save yourself from the hassle of reheating the food again and again. Moreover, our experts can also facilitate you with a hassle-free washing machine installation. You will easily get clean clothes this way. In addition, drying the clothes after washing is one of the hectic tasks to do so we bring you our trusted dryer installation service.

Cooktop Repair Waldorf MD

Cooking is one of the fundamental household chores that require proper heat. So, we bring you our gas stovetop service where our professionals perform the installation. You can adjust it according to your need and utilize your expanded cooking techniques. To put forth, you may also have our burner gas cooktop installation service. The best thing about gas cooktops is they cool down as quickly as they heat up which makes it a good option. More so, you may have our electric cooktop repair service if you have an electric cooktop in your house. Besides this, you may also get our glass cooktop repair service to keep the sophistication of your kitchen space.

Appliance Repair Waldorf MD

Appliances save humankind time, and it is natural to get damaged due to extensive use. So, we bring you our microwave repair service through which the life of your appliance can increase greatly. You can also reheat the food easily and save time. Meanwhile, a sewing machine repair service is also something you can have. If you sew the clothes yourself or even work somewhere and need appliance repair, we got you. Furthermore, trash compactor repair service is also something you can have. You can conveniently dispose of the garbage this way. We can provide you with the most reliable electrical appliance repair for almost any of your appliances. 

Why Choose US

Ensure the Efficiency of Appliances!

All Star Appliance Repair is the name of a credible business that aims to facilitate its customers with a hassle-free electric and glass cooktop repair service. Our team is also proficient in providing services for burner gas cooktop. In addition, you may also hire our professional workers to get viable services for gas stovetop. It will help you cook at your own pace and offer you complete control over heat. Meanwhile, we can also provide you with a reliable microwave repair service.

Team of Professional Workers

Here we have professional workers to provide you with a reliable trash compactor repair service to dispose of the garbage easily. 

Saves You Money and Energy

The team we have on board can also facilitate you with a sewing machine repair service to help you save money and energy.

Amazing Working Experience

When the appliances you work with are in good condition, they provide you with an amazing working experience. 

Longevity of Appliances

When damage occurs to the appliances, timely repair saves your cost and energy and ensures the longevity of appliances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Star Appliance is the name of a trusted business that aims to facilitate its clients and customers with reliable electric appliance repair services. It is to increase the life of your appliance and let it sustain over the years. However, you may go through the following mentioned services to know about what we have got you:


Dishwasher Repair

  • Dishwasher Rack Repair
  • Dishwasher Seal Repair
  • Commercial Dishwasher Repair
  • Front Control Dishwashers

Appliance Installation

  • Gas Appliance Installation
  • Washing Machine Installation
  • Dryer Installation
  • Microwave Installation

Cooktop Repair

  • Electric Cooktop Repair
  • Glass Cooktop Repair
  • Gas Stovetop
  • Burner Gas Cooktop

Appliance Repair

  • Microwave Repair Service
  • Sewing Machine Repair
  • Electrical Appliance Repair
  • Trash Compactor Repair

You can get our reliable dishwasher repair service in Waldorf MD by reaching out to our team through the email address Meanwhile, you can also share your queries on call at our contact number 202-689-9573

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You should spend on electrical appliance repair because it saves you money. Also, it increases the life of the appliance and makes it last longer than usual. Besides this, getting an appliance repair service saves you from the hassle of getting another one all over. 

A commercial dishwasher repair service can work best for you as it stops the spread of germs and bacteria. Moreover, it cleans the dishes with hot water so that no bacteria or germ is left. So, commercial dishwasher repair can work best for you and save you money and energy. 


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-Appliance Repair Waldorf MD

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