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One can make their Living secure in a new and an existing neighborhood by taking locks installation services. Nowadays upgrading comes in every process to make it more efficient, which also includes locksmith services. Thus get the new lock services when you think the old ones need to change with the latest models. Meanwhile, there are many ways when key services can be of extreme use to you, like doing the rekeying process. However, you require emergency locksmith services when you are locked out of your car or building because you forget to take the key with you. If you are looking for reliable and authentic locking mechanisms, read further to find out how we can help you.

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Get Next-Level Security with Our Smart Locks!

Pitbull Locksmith NY is a locksmith service providing business. We have every solution regarding one lock's security concern. Our services extend to all those areas where one needs to put a lock. Like with our gate and cabinet lock services, you will have an efficient security system on your gate and the cabinets. Our locksmiths are aware of all the latest inventions in locking systems. Thus, they suggest you get residential lock services suitable for your place's protection. Other than the gate, one also needs to put a lock on a garage door to keep it safe from any intrusion. You can get this via our garage door lock services. We help you in keeping your property secure. It also includes your workplace. Therefore have designed our commercial lock services for securing your factories and offices. So, connect with us to know more about our locking services.

Vehicle Lockouts

If ever finds yourself locked out of your vehicle, our vehicle lockouts service will be a lot helpful to you in this situation.

Smart Lock

They are the modern invention of today’s world, in case of seeing any fault in its working, get our smart lock repair.

Lock Maintenance

If your locks are rusted or showing poor functioning, lock repair services are needed by them to work efficiently again.

Our Services

Locks Installation Services Queens NY

In today’s unsafe environment, one needs to perform a lock installation that is based on a modern mechanism. So that it will not be open or broken by the intruders. We offer this service and provide a whole range of various locking systems. Our smart lock installation is the latest advancement, it is a keyless system as it requires the typing of a code to open the door. Then comes our intercom system installation, it provides a safe way to allow the entry of a person standing on the door. However, we provide a lock changing service to replace an old or broken lock.

Emergency Locksmith Services Queens NY

We want your place to be completely safe and give relief to the people who live in it. Thus offer security system services. Our locksmiths walk you through all our security systems and help you choose the one ideal for your place. Moreover, our vehicle lockouts service assures you that our locksmiths will be there if you ever find yourself out of your vehicle. Whether the key is broken or lost, we will make you one in no time and off you on the road. Meanwhile, we provide building lockouts service for people who are locked out of the house in case of forgetting the key at home or somewhere else.

Locksmith Services Queens NY

With time, things get faults, yet their work can be restored with little maintenance. If a lock is working poorly, our lock repair services can help you and save you from the cost of changing it. The same goes for the repairing of a smart lock. Unlike a traditional lock, it mostly experiences a technical issue, we have professionals to do smart lock repair. Many places other than your doors and cabinets need a lock. It includes your mailbox that contains your paperwork. So, you can count on our mailbox lock services to keep your belongings secure. Our safe locksmith services provide the lock system you need.

Key Services Queens NY

If by mistake you have stuck a key inside a lock, you need a broken key extraction service to take it out. We use tools that can avoid the breaking of a lock and instantly take the key out. Now that the old key is broken, you need a new one. Therefore, we provide key duplication services to make you as many keys as you need. Furthermore, for changing the security system of your house, one does not need to change the whole lock. A professional locksmith can perform locks rekeying service where changes take place in the lock. This way, the old keys need to be changed with the new ones, hence the whole house is protected this way. One can replace the traditional system via a keypad for getting advanced security. Our key pad services can help you get this feature for your place.

Lock Services Queens NY

One needs to upgrade and maintain the highest level of security to keep their place safe. Therefore, we provide residential lock services. So, protect your gate by installing a stable and durable lock that you will get in our gate lock services. Other than the main gate, you can also get a lock for your garage door as it stores your vehicle and costly instruments. Our locksmith performs garage door lock services to install a security system in the garage. Inside a house, one has cabinets, never forget to lock them as they keep your valuables safe. Thus we offer cabinet lock services to properly secure them. We have extended our services to your business property as well, hence get our commercial lock services to keep it and the employees secure.

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For Revolutionizing Your Security

We are here to make you feel secure inside your place and vehicles. For this reason, provide safe locksmith services. There are many areas of a house other than the doors that need locks. One example is your cabinets, we provide mailbox lock services for them. However, our building lockouts service seems like a divine intervention if you forget your key at home and stand outside the door. It can also happen if your key gets stuck in the lock while opening it. Here we use an extraction tool to perform broken key extraction. Furthermore, we provide key duplication services to make as many keys as you want in a spare or give to a family member.

Lock Fixing

Our locksmiths can perform the lock installation and changing service precisely. They are also experienced in smart lock installation.

Efficient Security

Intercom system installation can give you a new means to control your security by identifying a person from within the place.

Trusted Services

People trust our services because our locking systems make their houses safe from any source of trespassing.

Security Services

Our services are based on the use of modern technology that generates more reliable and authentic locks.

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Pitbull Locksmith provides lock installation and repair services as well in Queens NY. Below, we have mentioned the various categories of our lock services:


Locks Installation Services

  • Lock Installation
  • Smart Lock Installation
  • Lock Changing Service
  • Intercom System Installation

Emergency Locksmith Services

  • Vehicle Lockouts Service
  • Building Lockouts Service
  • Security System Services

Locksmith Services

  • Smart Lock Repair
  • Lock Repair Services
  • Mailbox Lock Services
  • Safe Locksmith Services

Key Services

  • Key Pad Services
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Locks Rekeying Service
  • Key Duplication Services

Lock Services

  • Gate Lock Services
  • Cabinet Lock Services
  • Residential Lock Services
  • Commercial Lock Services

Garage Door Lock Services

You can get our locks installation services by contacting us at 718-251-0867. One can also find us at


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In the locks rekeying service, the locksmith alters the inner working of a lock, and its old key is now unable to unlock it. A new key is designed for the altered lock. If you have any concerns regarding the house being safe, it is a great approach to ensure it.

Unlike a key, the lock opens by entering a password on a keypad. So those individuals who have the code can open it. Our key pad services offer an enhanced level of security.

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