Hire Our Expert Technicians to Utilize Our Electrical Installation Service in New Rochelle NY!

We offer an electric installation service with experience in a wide range of industries including construction and engineering. Meanwhile, we will repair your clogged and damaged pipe with our commercial plumbing service. Our quality plumbing services will positively impact the customers and workers in your commercial space. More so, we offer a seamless construction service for small to complex building needs. Our team of professionals aims to deliver economical services, on-time delivery, and a better understanding of clients' needs. Further, we have skilled contractors who offer home remodeling services in which they renovate every part of your home.

Electrical Installation Service
Commercial Plumbing Services
Construction Service
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About Us

We are Providing the Best Electrical Solution!

Danny’s Electric is pro at providing complete construction service in the entire town. Meanwhile, we have highly trained home renovation and remodeling contractors who will upgrade your outdated house to a modernized house. We are one of the best bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies that work for you to create the best functional bathroom and kitchen. More so, our services are best to add identity to your space. You can avail of our professional plumbing services to ensure the correct installation of gas-powered appliances. Therefore, you can expect our team to make your dream home a reality with their services.

Expert Technicians

We have a team of expert technicians who can perform any complex kitchen and bathroom remodeling project successfully.

Prompt & Trusted Service

Our expert professional team is reliable and dedicated to providing commercial construction services at the given time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are proud of the work that we have done. More so, we ensure that every job we do meets the standard of excellence.

Our Services

Electrical Installation Service New Rochelle NY

Electrical problems are very common and make life uneasy, especially at odd times. However, our expert technicians will tackle the situation expertly with their emergency electrical service. Whether your ceiling fan is making a voice or the tube light is fluctuating, you can utilize our home electrical repair service to resolve these issues. More so, you can avail of our temporary electrical service to work on your job site until you find a reliable and permanent service. A minor wiring mistake can lead to gadgets damage and can harm the life of the loved ones. Therefore, we offer electrical wiring service to prevent costly problems.

Commercial Plumbing Services New Rochelle NY

From offices to hotels, we serve locations of all sizes with our services. Meanwhile, the expert staff has the necessary training and equipment to provide the finest quality gas plumbing services. Our skilled plumbers ensure that the clients receive safe and quality fixing and repair of gas pipes. More so, you may be sick of unclogging your kitchen and bathroom drainage system. However, we offer professional plumbing services to deal with all these unbearable problems. Our staff has the right skill to accomplish the plumbing task skillfully. Further, we offer our clients local emergency plumbing services without skimping on the quality.

Construction Service New Rochelle NY

We have a team of expert civil engineers that provides a construction service. Meanwhile, we have construction knowledge and drawing skills to design a building that is safe, secure, and functional. Our clients can get complete construction service which includes general contracting, construction consult, and construction management. More so, our team of experts strives to deliver quality commercial construction service to building owners in the entire town. Further, we provide custom design-build solutions to make the life of homeowners less stressful. So, look no further and hire us today.

Home Remodeling services New Rochelle NY

A thriving home renovation requires careful planning by expert professionals. Meanwhile, you can remodel your home by using our kitchen and bathroom remodeling service to make it desirable for you. Our home renovation contractors will ensure that your renovation will have a smooth flow until it gets to an end. More so, we have home remodeling contractors who will make schedules, and work with designers, workers, and providers to get the remodeling project completed promptly. We are one of the best bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies to help you fully transform your living space.

Why Choose US

To Avoid Electrical Accidents!

Danny’s Electric is a home care expert. Meanwhile, we offer commercial construction service which includes project management, planning, and furnishing services. We are a dedicated team who innovates new ideas to make your building a cozy space to live in. More so, you can avoid the risk of electric shocks and property damage by choosing our home electrical repair service. All the electrical jobs are done by licensed electricians, to maintain the quality of our temporary electrical service. Further, we offer local emergency plumbing services to save you from unwanted drainage problems.

Immediate Removal of Clog
Receive Quick Assistance

We provide our clients with the best electrical wiring service. More so, the clients will receive quick assistance whenever they need it.

Successful Project Planning

We develop a proper kitchen and bathroom remodeling plan to give a perfect result according to the clients’ needs.

Strong Team Efforts

Our dedicated workers are always there to provide you with emergency electrical service either for your living space or office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Danny’s Electric offers complete home renovation services in Rochelle NY. Meanwhile, the services we provide include: 

Electrical Installation Service

  • Emergency Electrical Service
  • Home Electrical Repair Service
  • Temporary Electrical Service
  • Electrical Wiring Service

Commercial Plumbing Services

  • Gas Plumbing Services
  • Professional Plumbing Services
  • Local Emergency Plumbing Services

Construction Service

  • Construction Service
  • All Service Construction
  • Complete Construction Service
  • Commercial Construction Service

Home Remodeling services

  • Home Renovation Contractors
  • Home Remodeling Contractors
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Companies

You can get electrical installation services from our team by contacting us at 914-637-2636. Also, if you have any queries related to our services, you can send your queries to the company’s email at doctorscave@msn.com

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The construction services we offer include labor, services, and material in connection with the construction work. Meanwhile, our team will completely look after all your construction needs.

We offer gas plumbing service in which our experienced staff seals the leaks in your gas pipes with epoxy. More so, the quality services will help you prevent further pipe leaks.

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